Cuba: Why I Care (by a non-Cuban)

I found this piece called Cuba: Why I Care on It’s hard to read it without a tear in your eye especially when you realize the author–Claudia Fanelli, an Italian-American–has no reason to care about what happens in Cuba.

Here is but a small excerpt from this magnificent column:

One would think that I shouldn’t have to justify why I “care” about Cuba. Why should I care about a country in such close proximity to us that their people try to swim to get here after their makeshift rafts fall apart in the sea? Why should I care about a country where the citizens are denied the simple freedom of using the same hotels and restaurants as the tourists? At a mere 90 miles away from here, how can I say that I don’t care?

A hearty “Molto Grazie” to Claudia for writing it and to for posting it.