19 Cubans land in Key West

I first heard this story on Cuban exile radio in Miami this morning, then I read about it on Babalu Blog later. What “this story” is, is a report that 19 Cuban rafters landed in Key West during the wee hours of the morning.

I couldn’t find much news about this story elsewhere; I would assume the Miami Herald would be interested in a story about 19 Cuban rafters landing in their very backyard. Perhaps they’re waiting to confirm it through official sources.

But then a commenter nicknamed “Pointy Head” on Babalu Blog very helpfully posted a link to the story from WTVJ in Miami.

Thank God they made it to land safely. But questions always remain: How many others never made it? How many more must risk their lives before the world finally opens its eyes to what Castro has done to Cuba? And the question I can never get Castro apologists to answer: How many people do you know who have gotten onto a rickety amalgam of boards and other materials that barely float, shoved off from Key West, and sailed the 90 or so miles to Havana?

UPDATE (01/25/07):
Babalu Blog posted a picture of the 19 rafters today.